Repeating group not showing in preview

I am trying to show the options already in the group that can be seen in the other repeating group on the right, but for some reason the skills in the database won’t show unless using the searchbar.

Hi there, @jakkellymusic… without being able to see how you have things configured, it’s hard to tell what’s going on, but just a thought… is this box checked for the repeating group on the left?

If it isn’t, try checking it and see if you get the desired result.


Hi there Mike, I can’t actually see where that box would be on my application (I’ve attached some photos). Can you show me?

In the first screenshot, click on Search for Skills Offereds, and the checkbox will be in the resulting pop out.

Rescued again Mike, thanks!

I have a feeling I will be speaking with you again soon.


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