Repeating Group not stretching

Hi there, since today 17:00 (maybe somewho linked to the new release?), I have an issue with a repeating group: it behaves as if there were a maximum width of 100% when the page is stretched even though there is none:

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

May be you have grouped this repeating group in a group and that parent group max width=100%

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No, it’s not the case.

What is extremely surprising is that it was working until yesterday around 17:00 and not since.

I just tried duplicating the group and replacing repeating groups by groups and now it scales.

The issue seems to be tied to repeating groups.

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Can you please share the URL with view access only. I would like to see it in the editor.
FYI: I haven’t noticed any abnormality in recent update.

Hey @Hammad_Aziz ,

It seems like this is fixed: I created two new Repeating Groups nested in each other and then copy pasted the Items that repeats inside and now it works.

The two new groups are exactly setup the same way as the two previous one were, the only difference is that the previous one were changed yesterday around 17:00 and the others were just created.

I guess there was a bug that is now fixed.

Thanks a lot for the help any way!

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