Repeating group not updating in real time. Bug?

Related, but not the same. Since the repeating group is not updated in real time with data changes, the underlying cause may be the same as why the custom workflow trigger is not triggered when the data changes.

But on Bubble’s side, who knows if it is the same fix that is needed to resolve for both, or if those two features (RG updates/Data Change trigger custom workflow) need different fixes.

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Does it work when the data is changed in the front-end (i.e works front-end changes, fails backend changes), or is it some other variation of failures?

I didn’t bother to setup tests. The system uses a backend workflow to make changes to a data type which the front end custom workflow is supposed to be triggered when the data changes. In the database and logs the data was changed but the front end custom workflow was not triggered.

Yeah, so that’s the same issue. The notifier (the system Bubble uses to tell the browser when a search’s result / thing’s value has changed and the value needs to be updated on the browser) breaks when something is created/updated in the backend, for whatever reason.

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I can confirm the team is investigating this


That’s crucial for my Freight Broker application: I receive freight quotes via API, massage the data, and display it dynamically while a backend workflow adds the records in a table. Please look at this with care because my production users are being impacted by this issue. It’s the second month I haven’t charged my customer due to this issue. I can’t manually refresh because a refresh means a new quote is coming, and I need to clear the fields, so it’s quite a challenging moment for my app’s survival in this customer.

File a bug report, that’s the only way things like these can get resolved. Bug Report | Bubble


Hello Everyone,

I feel less alone because I have this issue as well.

I have a repeating group like tweeter and when a user post a new tweet, the other ones don’t see the new post and they have to refresh the page.

But my case is very weird because I added a repeating group inside this repeating group for the comments and when an user adds a new comment, it works for the others users and they don’t need to refresh the page.

So maybe bubble could invest inside my app to understand and compare ?
I did not declare the bugs still, I don’t know how to do it

For your information,

I wrote to the Bubble’s technical team. They told the issue could from the cache and cookie.
Unfortunately they cannot do anything ,
The user needs to clear the cache and cookies.

Not going to lie, I feel a bit gaslit by this statement if that’s what they said. We’ve been running into very similar issues on a dedicated instance, and our temporary bandaid fix was to create a front-end reusable where we create the thing and do the changes. Not ideal, considering if the user times out or closes, the workflow obviously never finishes. For us though, the live updates are more critical.

I think it’s pure luck we haven’t run into issues with this fix yet. Reading through here puts me a bit at ease that we aren’t alone, and we were told the same thing from our technical support person:

Though those exact words weren’t used, that was the same dependency that was blamed.

Really hoping this gets a serious looking into. I hope they didn’t end their investigation with a blame on cache and cookies.


Well that’s rubbish - Bubble themselves were able to replicate it and said it was being looked into so it’s not sufficient for them to just say it’s cache/cookie issue. Even if it is, normal users have caches, and cookies…

Did they say this in response to your existing ticket where they accepted their was an issue, or could it be a support agent that doesn’t know the issue is still being investigated?

I wasn’t told this exactly, just that they were able to replicate the issue with creating a thing in the backend and it not appearing in front-end. I was just inferring that the issue is with the notifier, which I guess it has to be.

I’ll double check with the person that replicated the issue and progressed the bug report for me to confirm it’s still being investigated.


Thanks, George. That would be very helpful. From what I’ve seen (and been told), the notifier sometimes gets bogged down under heavy load. I’ve noticed this issue happening more often in the mid-afternoon (EST).

From support today:

Our engineering team is actively investigating this behavior, however we noticed that this behavior does not consistently reproduce. Although I was able to reproduce this behavior when I initially escalated this ticket, the behavior no longer occurs in my test app or a local copy of your app.

We’re currently trying this reproduce this behavior on other apps along with gathering more information from impacted users. Once the team is able to improve observability, we can then eliminate potential causes and deploy a fix.

Rest assured that I’ll follow up as soon as I have an update! Please don’t hesitate to send along any other questions or additional details in the meantime!