Repeating group not updating in real time. Bug?

I am having the same issue. An element inside the repeating group cell has a condition set to change once that cell’s data is updated to fit the criteria. The data is being updated but the condition is not showing in the repeating group without reloading the page. I know this because other workflow elements of the page outside of the repeating group are updating just fine.

Just to also register here… I am now experiencing this bug. Some repeating groups stop updating. In my case, database is being updated in backend. Nothing happends in front…

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Yes, the same problem here for a few weeks now. It’s really bad for apps whose functionality heavily depends on repeating groups updating in real-time. I can’t even imagine the damage to these app operators if they have to shut down their service for months due to such a severe bug in Bubble. Very very bad. I hope they fix this quickly, otherwise, it’s going to be a real scandal. My condolences to all the apps that are horribly affected by this.

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Again, I’m sure some already have done it, but posting here without submitting the bug report will unfortunately result in your issue being thrown into the abyss - the bug report form is the way to get an issue worked on.

If you get any relevant updates from support beyond what we already know, do share!

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I’ve already done it three times. The first two times, they said they couldn’t replicate the problem. On the third try, they finally realized that something was wrong with bubble. Unfortunately, it seems they haven’t found a solution yet… so far. It’s shocking how much time has passed since then. I know there’s no point in publicly complaining about it, but what the hell is happening? By now, it’s really unbearable.


For what it’s worth, I completely agree with you. It is a very Bubble thing where if an issue can’t be replicated every single time then it’s somehow not an issue.

This is actually unbelievable. 2 months have passed on a “severity 1” incident.

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Positive development:

To provide some context on the current status of this problem, our engineers have a potential code solution drafted, however there is some risk associated with the fix, so they’re actively evaluating this to reach a safer point where this can be deployed and resolved.

I understand this has gone on for a long time, but please know that we are indeed still looking at it actively! We’ll get back to you again as soon as we have any more updates.


is there a “problem” environment solely for verification of risky changes which only Bubble-Certified Developers have access to?

Negative. Bubble Certified Developers simply just took the test and passed, no real special access outside of the fancy forum title.

Now, some community members are Community Ambassadors, and I’m not fully sure what that entails, but I’m sure it does involve some alpha testing, so possibly they would help with this end. Not positive on that, I can only speak to the certified developer access.

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It does, but for new features more than bug fixes.

Any fix yet?