Repeating group: only show the latest data entry grouped by name

Hello guys,

It’s always the stuff that seems the simplest that I can’t figure out!

Basically, our users are able to add links to their social media accounts, which creates a new thing called “Social Media”. I then created a repeating group with a type of data “social media” to show them which ones they have currently uploaded.


The problem is that users often update their social media links, which creates duplicates. Basically, I want to group the “social media” entries by “name” and then show only the latest created entry in the repeating group.

e.g: I want to group all the social media by the name “Instagram” and show only the latest one the user has created.

Although there is an option called “group by…” it doesn’t seem to be for what I need… or I’m doing it wrong. I can group the entries by name but then when I try to add a link in the repeating group, I can’t redirect it to the link of the social media link (it only shows “name”).

Here is the super simple data architecture.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I believe that in your repeating group’s data source you can sort by the last modified. If this doesn’t help can you provide me a screenshot of your repeating group so I can better assist you?

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