Repeating group only showing 1 column


Not sure if I’m missing something really obvious here? Basically, despite setting the number of columns to 2 (or anything higher) as below, there is only one column shown for images. Does anyone know why this might be please?

May i know response from api will have 2 image on each row?
share your response.

Not sure what you mean? I’m using the API. The response from the image search looks like below, however I would expect the results to display in the repeating group however I set it. Using the web search from contextual web i can set 2 columns, 6 columns etc and the results show as expected. When I use the image search though it only shows in one column.


Add filter condition to skip the thumbnail is empty.
otherwise share your app url;

I had this happen in the past…I forget exactly what fixed it, but I think it was that I hadn’t set it to fixed width, or at least set the maximum width to be equal to 100% so that it didn’t stretch to fit the page.

Give that a try…if not go into responsive editor and see if it is the alignment that is causing it


You’re correct, thank you very much. I got this response from Bubble also;

‘This is a known behavior for non-fixed-width repeating groups; if you set the repeating group to the “Fixed width” setting, you will see both columns displayed’

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