Repeating group only shows 1 item on the landing


Having here one RG, that on the landing (refreshed page) only shows first item, whereas when scrolled down, it starts to load the rest.

Why that is the case, and how to make it to load organically?

Try to change no. of rows and columns

Hi there, @another… the repeating group is doing what you described because that is exactly what your setup is telling it to do. You have an extendable vertical scrolling repeating group that is set to show 1 row, and then it will extend to show more rows when the user scrolls. The easiest change you can make here (assuming you actually want an extendable vertical scrolling repeating group) is to change the number of rows from 1 to, well, any other number, and the repeating group will show that number of rows when it initially loads, and the user can scroll down to see more rows.


Thanks! @jangidrahul0494 and @mikeloc!

Now is clear to me of the specificity…

Elementi is already to large, if I make it 2 rows, it would add unnecessary space, what about if it is full list, then wondering on the loading speed?

I know how extended scrolling makes to load content only that is necessary to load (upon the scroll), but not sure for the full list?


Vertical scrolling or Full list?

Cons and Pros? (Especially due to the loading, as we speak of the main feed feature)

When “Vertical scrolling” is set, it displays first two contents, while at “Full list” it loads for a quite a while, until the whole feed list is gone through…

Have tried play with conditions, “When page is loaded”, only nearby condition to set would be “Data Source”, doesn’t work in this case as well…


@another Aren’t you using the bubble responsive engine?

Yes new responsive engine is easy and it uses the concept of flex box.
Now coming to your topic, you want to load all the list of RG on landing page?
If yes then u should go with full list option and if now you can select vertical scrolling and add data source like this “Search for data until #10” or depends upon you how many lists you want to show.

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Yes, really looking forward to the new responsive engine…

Thanks for the tip @jangidrahul0494


Yes, Full list, it takes to much to display the content, in this case we have 125 items, and it takes 25 seconds to display the content…


When I make it Vertical scrolling, why only shows the first two?


And then when you scroll down, it takes a bit longer to show the rest of the concept…

Although without the loading animation, I assume it loads the whole list in the background…

Why? And how to solve it? -.-

As inspecting the repeating group, although it displays only the first two, in the properties, it has been fetched all?

Upgrade to the new responsive engine… problem solved…

Is there any option until then? Due to the task-size…

RG is in a reusable element, which is on the one page app, it would take me at least a week to make the transition, no time for that in the next couple of weeks, while speaking with investors and first customers…

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