Repeating group open different pages upon click


I’m trying to make a horizontal repeating group that allows users to open different pages depending on what datatype category they click on. I have a fixed width page so I needed to make my header buttons into a horizontal scrolling repeating group.

For example, when someone clicks the header button chat, I need the chat page to open, but when tests are clicked I need the tests page to open etc. These are completely different pages that are not linked.

I have attached a screenshot of the current header in my app

I have a photo below of the header I am trying to introduce along with the datatype

If you’re using links, just include the page name in the Header Headings datatype, and append that to the home URL for the link.

If you’re using workflow actions for navigation, you’ll have to use a conditional workflow action for each Heading.

Hey Adam,

Thank you, how do I create a conditional workflow? I am using workflow actions for navigation,

Thank you in advance,

I figured it out, thank you

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Jus put conditions on each of the worklfow actions when the button is clicked (i.e. when Parent group's Header Heading's Heading is 'Chat' go to page Chat)