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Repeating Group Optimization

*Referring to UX on smartphone/tablet)

I think it would be good if the repeating group (particularly one utilizing ‘infinite scroll’) could sense when the repeating group has reached either the bottom or the top cell as soon as possible, and then prompt the scrolling of the actual page itself.

The problem I’m finding is: when the repeating group reaches the top or bottom - the user has to lift their finger for x seconds, before the scrolling is re-calibrated to focus on the page itself.

Long story short - there is a lag between switching from scrolling the repeating group, and scrolling the page that causes a user to get temporarily stuck.

Also I think it would be cool if we could dictate the speed of the repeating repeating group. For two reasons:
1: It would give the below cells more time to load.
2. It encourages a more thorough content display (I noticed that the infinite scroll on facebook’s mobile site is much slower than Bubbles default infinite scroll speed. Most definitely an intentional move by Facebook)

Well there’s my ideas. Arguably trivial; but ideas none the less.