Repeating Group Organization

Hi Community!

I’m trying to very specifically organize data from a repeating group in a very specific manner.

I’m trying to organize the return items (which are images) centered to the BOTTOM, sorting by a presence I’ve selected. So one result one be centered on the bottom row. Two results, on the bottom. Three results, all centered next to each other on the bottom. But a fourth result should be centered on the line above it.

This is an example of the outcome I am looking for. I was considering using a “list” repeating group (hidden?) that simply gets the number of results being used. From this number of results, it creates multiple images (using ‘only when’ workflows) and fills them in with the result.

Is there an easier way to do this? I’ll have an example up soon.

I think an example, and your database structure, would be needed here.

Just can see what you are trying to achieve otherwise.

I’ve actually accomplished it here:

Using conditional terms I simply run a search on the data I’m looking to sort, and the count of items either sets a group’s data source or hides it.