Repeating Group Performance Question

With repteating group do a search for: Artist will bubble also also fetch data from each album?

I’m worried about page load speed.

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 10.29.15 AM

It will contain the UniqueID for each Album, not all the data, so it’s pretty light as long as the “List of Albums” is short. However if you pull data from the Album datatype when displaying the Artist data (like listing the Album names for each artist), I believe it pulls all the fields from the relevant Album things.

Thanks! So what happens if there’s a list of Data type “Songs” in the album data type (as listed in image above)? Does it also pull the unique IDs of the songs?

If so, what layer does it stop?

Example: RG to display Artist’s names only would do the following:

  1. Pull all fields from all Artists
  2. Pull unique IDs for all Albums from all Artists
  3. Pull unique IDs for all Songs for all Albums for all Aritsts

I could continue this for many more layers (list of record labels, list of concerts, list of etc). That would be a lot of unique ID’s to pull.

Hi, my understanding is that it won’t pull #3. (It technically doesn’t “pull” #2 either. The Album unique IDs are what are in the “List of Albums” field in your Artist datatype.)