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Repeating Group Question

How can I set up a Repeating group so that the next blank box of a repeating group will have an icon that triggers the creation of the next element.

For example I am creating a list of cities that I want to visit. Each time I add a city to the repeating group the next box should have a + icon that when clicked will allow the user to add another city.




This is the best I could do

You’ll see there is a few hidden groups.

  1. Not visited group will show if city visited is “no”
  2. Clicking on the red cross will change city to visited
  3. Clicking on the + will show the new city group
  4. Visit group will show when city visit is “yes”
  5. The db is city

Hope it helps

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Thanks for sending this. Very helpful. Will have to see how I can incorporate these ideas.

Thanks again.


I built another route right below it. Feel free to ask questions!


This is interesting. A couple quick questions. Can an additional + be made available once you list a city? In other words always have the next option available to you?

I wonder if we can use the hiding of the icon to our advantage. For example when a city name is no longer empty, the next + appears.

Not sure I’m following. I reset it and added a few cities. I think it’s doing what you want?

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I like your more than mine. I would maybe not let it delete all the cities at once for if I want to view all the cities I’ve visited

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Oh yeah, I had just put that there to quickly reset and play around with it. I think I’d have a “minus” button to remove one city at a time. Or some kind of a “checked” icon to indicate that it has been visited like you have done. So many possibilities!

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