Repeating group question?

Hi forum,
I am trying to make all of these things go into a unique column/row, and not all next to each other with a comma like in the screenshot.

Schermafbeelding 2024-03-08 om 11.12.46

Just click next to the text field – after the current cell's campagne_data's Specialismes – and add whatever fields you want.
It will look like:

current cell's campagne_data's Specialismes current cell's campagne_data's Other data

Hi Rico, thanks! Could you specific “click next to the field” I dont really understand.

Thanks :slight_smile:

2024-03-08 11.52.24

Thanks. I think I did not explain it right, I want that it is all in a separate column or row. See example:

So each item in list of “Specialismes” are in separate column or row

on the repeating group’s source, extend the search by clicking on more and selecting each item’s Specialisme.

I can 100% solve your problem but explain it better . I don’t understand the question

Thanks all! Last solution by Rico worked :slight_smile:

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