Repeating group (re)calculation


I am really stuck on this.
I need certain values to be shown on different rows in the repeating group or input form.

I am gonna try to explain as best as i can.
This is an example in Excel:

Start odometer + distance = End odometer
The end odometer needs to be shown on the next row as this will be the new start odometer.(See arrows above image)

Not sure if it is best to do this on the input form or repeating group.
Input form:

So again:
Start odometer = Begin stand(Left)
End odometer = Eind stand(Right)
Rit afstand = distance(Middle)
Calculations are done but can;t get Start odometer from last item to show automatically.

The most important thing is that it recalculates the values when a row is manually deleted by the user.

Bubble editor.

Search for the pages:
Page rit
pop up form ritten input

I would really appreciate the help.

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