Repeating group resorted when thing changed

When making an update of one of the Things in my Repeating Group it’s partly resorted in an incorrect way. For a while. Then it’s resorted again. The sort field is not the field that is changed.

Starting list:

Presses the M3 sad face which updates a field on the Thing. This is shown (note that M3 is now before m2):

After a while or on page reload it goes back.

Hey @philledille :slight_smile: I had a similar behavior occur, and it had to do with a privacy role that I had forgotten I set up. Do you have any privacy roles which may be causing this? Can you share a link to the app?

I checked all boxes in a privacy role for the thing in the repeating group:

I have in field that is auto binded. Maybe thats the problem. Will check.

No effect.

Can you share a link to the app? :slight_smile:

I copied into my open test app, but cannot there reproduce the problem(!)

I just opened the app and couldn’t reproduce the error when testing there as well. Just to double-check, are there any fields which should be checked but aren’t for the Everyone Else privacy role, under the Action data type in your main app?

Also are there any Privacy Roles under the User data type in the main app, since the main app’s search may include User data in the constraint?

Yes, I have checked to autobinding for thing Actions. But only for “logged in users”, not for “everyone else”:

I have not set autobinding for User since User is not in the repeating group. User is however part of the search criteria. Maybe it should therefore also be set to autobind…

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