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Repeating Group Responsiveness Bug

Hi jess, I’m still seeing the issue in my application, but only in live. I deployed during this time, and I’ve gone through and checked/unchecked and deployed again but I’m still seeing some issues in my live version.

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Maybe try clearing the cache and check?

hey joel - Were you able to fix this issue? We’re still seeing it

Hi Jess - I’m seeing the same issues still. In Dev the repeating groups appear fine, but in the live version they are bunched up (see screenshot). What’s weird is that based on a user’s permissions (Admin v. Member) the repeating group appears normal. For members, it’s fine, but for admins, I get this bunched up appearance.

current appearance:

as it should be:

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Following up on this because we spent 4 hours this morning working through only for it to still be broken. Our product utilizes bubble’s sub app feature, and the RG’s look fine in the main app, but they don’t work properly in the sub-app. It’s been 3 days of this. Can we please get some support?

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Same here, my entire app is broken including Live version :sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos:

I found a clue (I report this some months ago) In my case Bubble isn’t adding items to a list (custom state) using the “When page is loaded”. Some of my repeating groups are usings conditionals based in this list of numbers so they’re not displaying … here’s the evidence :point_down:

Instead of ‘1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8’ it says ‘8’

Edit: it happens only inside Reusable Elements

Hey @Toby1 - Just saw this. I had to go in and set the Min. Width for the first parent group inside the repeating group to resolve this. Typically they can stay at the default 20% min. width and the repeating group won’t fall to the minimum, but that’s what it looks like it’s doing here. So I had to set the first parent to a realistic min. (e.g. 50%, 99%, etc.). It wasn’t consistent, on some pages I only had to update 1-2 for them all to work, some pages I had to update every single one that was broken. Hope this helps - if it’s not already fixed.

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