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Repeating Group - "Scroll to"

Hey everyone,

I have a Repeating Group set on “vertical scroll” containing “text cells” which are contact names (CRM) and next to each name are a few Icons, one being an “x” which will us a workflow when clicked to remove that name from the list/Repeating Group. I am having an issue scrolling to the next name once a name is removed? I would like to remove a name and then trigger the scroll feature to move the next name to the top of the Repeating group but cant figure it out.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Could you share a link to your app’s editor?

As far as I know, when you set something up like that, the entry should just remove itself and the list does “move up” the following names. But if you can provide a link, that could help explain what you’re experiencing a little better.

Thank you @romanmg, I just switched the workflow up to remove from DB and the RG removed the contact cell and scrolled up perfectly. Hate getting stuck on simple stuff.

Thanks again