Repeating Group Scrolling is jerky... Help?

I have a repeating group in which I only have enough screen real estate to display 4 rows… The problem occurs when attempting to scroll. The scrolling is very awkward and jerky as it hits the bottom and attempts to load the next set… Is there a way to make it load a bigger set at a time so that the scrolling is smoother? The list is 200 items in length…



You should try loading the data during page load. That way, the scroll should be smoother.



@anil That is a great idea; however, this is a plugin, cryptocurrency ticker, but it doesn’t show up in the workflow dropdown under Plugins or Data (Things)? Don’t know how to access it from workflow?

It’s probably because the plugin has the action set to use as data and not as action.

You could use a custom state though. When page is loaded > set state > get external data from API (here you can use the data call), and the RG’s source is the value of the state.

Try that.

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I don’t see how to ‘set state > get external data from API’? … just so you know this would be an api which pulls back several fields if that makes a difference… @romanmg

Sorry, I omitted some steps. Create a state on some element, like the page itself or the RG itself. You can do that by clicking the “i” icon in the property editor for the element.

Label the state something like “API List” or something that makes sense to you. The type of content should be the item response from your API - you should see it there in the list. It’s the same as the Content Type you currently have for the RG.

When page is loaded, trigger the set state action. The element to select is the one you created the state on. The value is where you can use “get data from external API”

Now, the RG’s source… instead of using Get Data from external API here, you use the custom state’s value.

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