Repeating Group Search Efficiency for Workload WU

I have a repeating group that fetches todays Queue data . The people in the queue can be queued for different services. The services are filtered on the repeating group using a :filtered operator which filters according to the service chosen on the dropdown.

The problem is that after log of trial I find that it is using very high worklioad unit.
Because, whenever a service is chosen from the dropdown, the RG fetches data from the server.

Is there a way where I pull data of All services and keep that in the browser, and the data keeps updating dynamically.

Then when the particular service ( say Service 1) is chosen, filtered results are shown for say Service 1 . Then if I select Service 2, the shows service 2 results without fetching data again from the bubble server. This way the search call to bubble server will not be multiple.

Any help appreciated.

Yesā€¦one idea is to use a custom state as listā€¦on page load or whenever the data will first be needed, set the custom state list via a basic unconstrained searchā€¦then on the RG, the datasource would be the custom state list value :filtered with constraints from the dropdown.

Other approaches use plugins. My plugin of choice has been the list shifter plugin.


Since I am new to bubble, I Are plugins safe to use for important parts of project such as lists that will be core of the application. How reliable are these third party plugins in bubble.

Anything that is ā€˜mission criticalā€™ should be attempted without the use of a 3rd party or Bubble built plugin.

If you can not do it without a plugin, attempt to use a Bubble built plugin if one exists, because after all, Bubble will be the last plugin builder kicking around.

If no Bubble built plugin, buy from a reputable developerā€¦check the reviews (donā€™t really mean much because most bad reviews are from users who didnā€™t know how to use the plugin).

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