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I have a repeating group that is set at fixed length of 15 cells. I am using the Next Page to move between the pages.

I have noticed however, that if I spend time editing source contents of the Repeating Group, when i come to move to the Next Page, the button stops working and have to refresh the entire page, then step through each page again to get to the next one I am ready to update the row data for.

Is there some sort of Cache Timeout happening than causes this, i.e. after x duration, the RG.NextPage stops functioning?

Edit: i just tried editing the single source row at the top of the ‘Next Page’ and then tried to move Next Page and it stops working, so looks like any changes to the underlying data, even if no rows added or removed, stop the Next Page workflow actions.

Is this by design or a bug, If it is by design, then appears flawed logic for no row change count in source data. If appears to be a bug, I will of course raise a bug report, but looking to validate my findings first!



Do you by chance have a demo of the repeating group next feature?

I want my page height limited when using the extended repeating group element and want to set entries to display in blocks of 20 before “next page” appears to load the next 20 entries from the search result.

I haven’t got one at the moment.

What to do is use custom states on an element as trackers. e.g. CurrentPage starts at 1, gets +1 and -1 when you use next and previous, then TotalPages is RowsReturned/RowLimit (e.g. 15) and then use a ceiling to round up any partial page to the TotalPages. Use these customstates as page indicators and a couple of buttons as workflows.

Have a go, and i’ll maybe knock one up tomorrow if i get a free minute. I would do it now, but I have had a long day and away to my scratcher!

If you do a search of the forums, I am sure there are a couple demos somewhere, maybe in the ForumApp3.

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No worries.

I’ll have a go at this and see if I can’t get her workin.

Thanks sir…

Hi justin,

I have just put this basic demo together for you;

and in the editor:


Dave, this is awesome. Thank you!

Hi Dave… late to the party, but want to say thank-you for this. A life-saver.