Repeating Group Sort Order

Hi all,

I have two data types: Profile Element and Profile Entry. Profile Element is a master list of the things people can add to their profile (Phone, Email, Website) and each of these has a sort order assigned to it (1, 2, 3). Profile Entry is the populated elements that the user has put on their profile.

On the user’s profile, I have a repeating group of type Profile Entry and I’d like to sort it using the ‘Sort Order’ value which is sound on the Profile Element data type. Each profile entry is linked to Profile Element but I can’t work out the formula to reach this in the sorting.


@J805 @vnihoul77 any ideas?

I’m not sure to understand right, but you can’t sort referring to a thing’thing (in your case you can’t sort profile entry using profile entry’profile element)

Are you able to put a field “sort index” in the same database you put in your RG?

Sort by: Profile Entry’s Profile Element’s Sort Order (descending)
Would this work?

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