Repeating Group "Staggered" Like Recycler View in Android

Hey bubblers,

Hopefully, my post to the forums comes with clarity as to what I am looking for, it is my first so bear with me. I come from building native apps on Android/iOS and there is one main pain-point for me in the transition. The Repeating groups can be pretty ugly when you are presenting a list or array of items. In Android, a Repeating Group is called a Recycler View - the main difference between them I would say is the viewport of the group can be adjusted to give a “staggered” appearance indicating there are more items in the list for you to scroll through. In my design, the viewport for the group appears to be static. I have removed vertical and horizontal scrollbars (they are pretty ugly sometimes.)

Bubbles default RG looks like this:

There is no indication that there are more items on the list. You only see two items, yet to our surprise, there are 50!

What I would like to accomplish is this:

You can clearly tell there are 3 (or more) items in this list, the natural tendency is to continue scrolling.

Is there an A - A plugin to support this design element or B - A default Bubble mechanism I am missing to create this effect where you can see Item 1, Item 2, and part of Item 3?

Hello, try using the Ext. vertical scrolling layout option for repeating groups.

Thank you for the response!

This is close to where it only loads a few visible items on page load and then displays more as you go - however - it is not restricted to only showing 2.5 cells at a time in the viewport.

Here is a demo of what I am referring to with the difference on the two.

As I had mentioned, I am only looking to display 2.5 cells essentially at a time in a verticle scrolling RG.