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Repeating group to another repeating group

Hi, I have one repeating group that uses the Google Books API and am trying to figure out how when a user searches for a book, how to add a specific book (through use of an ‘add’ button) to another repeating group that will simply display a list of the thumbnails of the books that are added by the user.

Currently, the workflow for my ‘add button’ in the Google Books repeating group reads: Create a new ‘Saved book’ (where Saved book is created thing, with ‘cover’ as the field name and ‘image’ is the field type). Then I have ‘cover = Current Cell’s Google Book’s Thumbnail’.

My second repeating group type of content is ‘image’ and data source is ‘RepeatingGroup Google Book’s List of Google Book’s Thumbnail’. I drew an image box in the first cell with the dynamic image as "Search for saved book’s cover’.

With all of this, when I search for a Google book and hit the add button, every cell of the second repeating group contains the thumbnail for the book instead of just one cell and so a list isn’t created. Any ideas?

If you can put an example in the forum app, or provide access to your app, it will make it a lot easier to help.


So I have the book search set up…

But can’t figure out how to add a single book thumbnail to the list on the bottom, and have that list saved based on the user. Right now every cell of the bottom list holds (and doesn’t save) the thumbnail of whatever book I hit the “add” button.

Also, I’ve made my app editable:

Just fixed it for you. The source of the image needed to be the current cell’s book image. You had it searching all books, so it will always show the first result to match that search.

Also, I put a constraint on the saved books repeating group to display ones only saved by the current user, otherwise you’d see all users’ saved books.


Thanks so much!