Repeating group to display a list of things in one text element but has its unique row

Hello! I have the following data types :
Team : challenge of type Challenge, name, etc
Challenge : team of type list of Team, name, etc

I want to display in a repeating group the list of team’s name only for one specific challenge
so I have a text element in the repeating group that looks like : search for challenge:each item’s team’s name, it displays the Team’s name delimited by a comma in one row , however I want each team’s name to have its unique row separated in the repeating group

Can someone help me with that ? thanks

  1. Define data source on the repeating group level (search for Teams)
  2. for text element you will need just to use current cell's team name

Yes! but I want to specify that the teams’ name’s displayed is only from a specific challenge

So in your RGs data source add a constraint for teams challenge = X, where X is a challenge defined somewhere (url, dropdown, at a page level and so on)