Repeating group to list

Hi all,

First post here so go easy :wink: I’ve been learning Bubble for a bit now and have been really enjoying it so far.

I am currently building an app that outputs a score based on the answers given to a number of questions. The score then calculates an “outcome”, which is dynamically calculated on page load.

Here is an example of what I am generating on the page.

This logic is currently working well but the way this is being generated means that the “outcome” is not a static value within the repeating group and using conditional formatting to be shown. It’s a bit more complicated that this but in essence… for “stress”… if 5 is > 0 and < 6 then “average” and yellow.

What I want to do now is put this table into a PDF. I am using the excellent “PDF Conjurer” to do this and I am able to get the “Area” and “score” into columns without a problem. All I do is:

“Repeating Group’s, Each Item’s Area” to get the area in one column… and…

“Repeating Group’s, Each Item’s Score” to get the respective score in another column.

This also works well.

But how do I get the “Outcome”? It’s not stored as a value in the Repeating Group… so unless I am missing something completely obvious, I have no access to “Repeating Group’s Each Item’s Outcome”… because it’s not in the repeating group/list.

So I’m a bit stuck. I feel like these could be potential solutions:

  1. Is there any way I can construct a new list from the existing one on the page and append the ID of the outcome when it’s calculated?
  2. Should I really be calculating the outcome and storing it in the db? (rather than outputting it on the page dynamically)

I’m not sure if 1 is possible and I’m slightly tentative regarding 2 because it would mean I would potentially need to recalculate it if the boundaries changed e.g. if Stress then changes to > 0 and < 5… it would no longer be average and yellow. Although this might not be a problem.

Can someone from the forum share how they would approach this? Is option 1 even possible?

Thanks so much everyone

:- Bob

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