Repeating Group to only take height of visible sub-elements

Currently, I am working on a note taking app that is organized like the following:

The center part is a repeating group, using Ext. Vertical Scrolling. However, as you can see, only two items are loaded at the start, instead of filling the page.

I have realized that this is because the height of the repeating group itself is around 470px, as can be seen below:

The reason I have set this 470px is only in order to layout the item in the editor, as there are multiple hidden sub elements that are displayed in certain conditions.

I have set all of these elements to hidden, as well as “Collapse this elements height when hidden,” but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. The elements are still calculated at around 470px. So when the page is loaded, only 2 items are displayed, and when scrolling only a few items are displayed.

I can shrink the size of the repeating group element in the editor, but then the inner elements parent/child relations are disrupted, resulting in weird rendering in the preview.

I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how to: create a repeating group which has a large possible visible range (from hidden elements), but only use the height of the visible elements, and how to group that in the editor so that only the necessary height is used.


Try layout style as full list of the RG

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, we are pretty intent on using the Ext. Vertical Scrolling as we like the functionality.

Put the RG into a group that doesn’t collapse.

Thanks, we’ll give that a try!

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