Repeating Group Tools

Im trying to set up repeating group tools. I have a series of repeating groups linked to a dataset called ingredients. Im trying to pull the information within the input field in the repeating group so that I can add the column of fields together. I thought I had it set up as per instructions but I still cant reference the cell that Im testing on. Has anyone used this successfully and able to help

I have made sure its in the repeating group not the normal group

In this case use plugin called rg extractor
Or use orchestra plugin, both available for free

I couldnt get Orchestra to work, thats why I went to the paid one. Didnt know about RG Extractor. I cant find any instructions for it though. how do u set it up. it looks simple enough but I still cant reference the data I want.

Isn’t that paid one working?

And RG extractor is simple just follow its service page

The service page, it just takes you to the generic plug in page. Nothing Im trying will work. They all seem the same principal but I cant work it out how to get it to actually do its thing