Repeating group two datasets


I am working on an application. Currently developing a timeline feature for users. It works simple. When a person that the current user is following performs a certain action then it will show up on a timeline.

I have two data types: user and user-activity

Whenever a user follows or likes something there is an entry created in user-activity with the following information: name and description.

I have a repeating group that looks like this:

Datasource: current users following (a list of users that the current user is following)

Then a text with “a search for user activities description from users with the same name as the one that are being followed by the current user”

But it returns everything from the same user in one row.


I want it to be separate with each user activity in a separate row. How do I do this?

@Vhyrian Did you find a solution to this? I think I just posted a similar question.