Repeating Group Value Versus Custom State Value

In a workflow, I’m setting the value of a Custom List to a Repeating Group value using merge. When I look in Debugger, the Repeating Group string appears to be value1, value2, value3. Is this how multiple values get stored in a Custom State list?

I can’t make sense of your question…

What are you trying to do? And what exactly are you asking about?

In a workflow action, I’m merging the value of a Repeating Group into a Custom State using the statement:

test3 Test-Sub-Category: merged with RepeatingGroup SubCategory List of Texts

When I run it, I see the value of RepeatingGroup set to a string “Credit Card, Debit Card, Modem” which are all selections I’ve made in a treeview. I then attempted to filter another RG that has a Sub-Category field in it - with a value assigned to each record in the DataType. But it wasn’t working. And I was wondering if the array value for the RG was different structure then what I thought was being loaded into the Custom State.

Nope… no clue what you’re talking about. Sorry.

Maybe someone else can help.

Both the state and Repeating Group need to have the same data type for a merge to work.

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