Repeating group visbility issue

Hi all I am trying to solve an issue where the Titles group (within my repeating group) does not show up in my repeating group when the Item cells below in my repeating group are EMPTY. I set the Title group to be visibile when the current cells index is 1 to prevent it from repeating itself all of the way down the list, but I would still like the Titles group to show up even when there are no Items to display. I tried setting it to “0” but that is not it. I do not want to remove it from the repeating group as it currently filters items within that repeating group and I could not get it to work when placed outside of the repeating group. I also read some other discussions on this subject but I have been unsuccessful. I appreciate any and all help. This is the last item on my to do list!!

Set the condition “when repeating group’s list of things count is 0” this element is visible