Repeating Group w/Favorites

Hello All!,
I have a data type (table) setup with all available ICD-10 codes. These are medical diagnostic codes with a code and a description. I have also created a new data type named “Favorites” which saves any codes that the doctor clicks as a favorite into the favorites list. Every doctor has different favorites that they select.

I have a repeating group setup to display and allow search on the diagnostic codes. I also have another repeating group setup to show the doctor’s Favorites. I’d like to merge these two groups into one repeating group (to save valuable space). How do I show the repeating group as the list of all diagnostic codes with the favorites list at the top of the group?

The repeating group is setup to display code, code description, and then a plus and a heart. The heart properly shows as a solid heart when it is in the favorite list. The plus disappears properly when the code is assigned to the specific user’s application. Everything works the way we want except I don’t know how to get the favorites (showing solid heart icons) to show up at the top of the list before the non-favorite items.

Have you considered keeping it as one DB table and simply mark them as “yes/no” in terms of favorite status?

Here’s how I’d approach this, if it’s a possibility given your use case:

Thank you for your reply. It appears your solution would work for one-to-one favorite assignment. Unfortunately, I have many doctors that will use my app and all need to see the list of ICD-10 codes. The list is 10k items long, so it is very poor when it comes to responsiveness. On top of seeing this list, each doctor gets to pick their own list of favorite diagnoses. Each doctor will pick 3 or 4 of their favorite items and I need for each doctor to only see their own favorite items.

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