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Repeating Group with Flexible Positioning of Elements


I’ll explain what I’m trying to do first. I have a settings page with a large number of sliders with associated labels. One slider with its respective labels is considered a group. I want to be able to change formatting/ logic/ etc. of all slider groups of this same class at the same time.

I believe the typical approach is to use a repeating group. However, my sliders are in many various positions across the page and doesnt follow a list pattern. Is there a way to remove the list/ cell constrained positioning of repeating groups?

If this is not possible, I’m imagining another possible approach is to create a ‘class’ for this group and ‘class’ for each slider etc so that I only have to change formatting and logic (conditions, workflows) once.

Would appreciate any suggestions/ solutions! Or is the only way to manually change each slider group one at a time?..

You can place a conditional on each group (or if the group is in a repeating group, on the one group) that changes the appearance of the group’s attributes if a condition is met. Then you can also change the attributes of various elements inside the group if that condition is met. For example, check out my app,, and click aorund the top menu to see how the main menu changes. If you’re trying to change the position of something, you can try using the conditional called Current Page Scrolling Position or you can show/hide the group based on a condition. I hope I understood your question and this is useful info.

No that’s not what I’m referring to. I basically want to create a repeating group but be able to move the groups wherever I want and not be constrainted to a list or grid pattern.

You can use Reuseable Elements if they are close enough in size, you’ll be able to position them in different places and have them look/function the same. The slightly difficult part will be to load in a correct list of tags for each instance of the reuseable element. But yes, a REU is many instances of similar modules that you can position how you want.

Alternatively, depending on your JS skills, all around boss-man @julienallard1 kindly made us a plugin that allows to apply classes to element. You can then use jquery to inject css editing whatever class styles you want.

Hopefully this sets you on the right track.

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Thank you sir, I feel stupid for not exploring the Resueable Elements earlier- just started with Bubble last week :sweat_smile:. That’s exactly what I need!

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