Repeating group with options list where values are missing

Hi. I am fairly new to Bubbles, but am supposed to build a small tool for our company. Can someone maybe help me with the following problem? I’m just not getting anywhere…

I have an option set with different terms
Now I want to display all terms in a repeating group. However: Only those that do not occur in a column, from a data set which is defined as set state.
That means: A set state is used to display a record in a group.
In this record there is a column named “Rooms”. This is defined as a list.
The selection for this takes place over an option set.
Now, in the repeating group below, all rooms are to be displayed to which the above data set is not linked.

My approach was the following. Obviously completely wrong.


Thank you for your support.


Hi Joflo,
The data source of a repeating group has to be a list of things. When you add :count to a list, it returns a single number which is not a list of things hence not expected.

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