Repeating group within repeating group using airtable plugin

I’m made a small dataset in Airtable, which I’m trying to display in bubble.
In airtable I have:
Table called ‘Tag Cloud’-> Table called ‘Picture’ → Table called ‘Lines’
See below and here’s a link to a mock up base

A picture in ‘Picture table’ is tagged with tags from ‘Tag Cloud’.
Each item in the ‘Picture’ table is then being connected to multiple other things in the ‘Lines table’ via an online form.

What im trying to do is I get a repeating group of my ‘Lines’ with the image from the linked ‘Picture table’ item. Inside this repeating group I have another repeating group where I’m trying to get the tags to show thats is attached to pictures back in the ‘Picture’ table.

So I’m trying to get repeatable group that in on the first line shows information from ‘Line3’ in ‘Lines table’ and garment information that is related to the ‘8’ link.

I’m currently having my repeating group that shows the ‘Lines’ which contains another repeating group that should show the tags that that is linked to the linked picture via the linked field called ‘Picture’.

Then I try to get to set the data source of the nested repeating group which I don’t seem to get right?

Does anyone know how to get this to work?

Were you able to find a solution to this ?
I have a similar use case and trying to show multiple records from a single cell but am unable to do so.