Repeating Group won't fill in Microsoft Edge

I am building a task (action) management system that depends heavily on selecting Actions from the database and filling RGs for scrolling and scanning by the user.

As I developed the app over the past few weeks, things were looking pretty good. As I’ve add realistic amount of data, it’s stopped behaving well. I use Edge as my primary browser (forgive me for being a heretic in the development community, but I’m not a fan of Chrome.)

With a near-production number of Actions in the database, the main RG simply won’t show all the rows that actually exist in the selected data set. An example is that I have 118 Actions to do but the RG will only show 18. The RG is set up for 15 rows but since they grow vertically for text that wraps in one or more cells, I usually see less than 15 things. In another case, using different filtering, the number of Actions is 55 but the RG only shows 16, about five more than are visible on page one.

I thought it might have something to do with caching but I switched to another computer and found the same behavior. Chrome shows all the items but Edge shows a small subset. Actually, I am displaying the count value (RG’s List of Actions:count) so the RG seems to know it has a lot more rows than it will show. And this count is the same in Edge as in Chrome.

Does anyone have experience with Edge and Bubble? Does anyone know what, if anything, I can do to resolve this problem?

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