Repeating Group Workflows Going Wild and Nuts

Hello Bubble Folks,

I’m experiencing some very odd behaviour here and wanted to check in with you.

I have a repeating group of Menu Lines. Within each cell there’s a Reusable Element displaying a Menu Line with lots of parameters.

One of those parameters is Shopping Line.

This is a Shopping Cart operation. So whenever somebody click’s the + button, we have a workflow that’ll Add +1 to the Shopping Line and Remove -1 from the Menu Line.

Menu Line Holds the item Menu and has QtyAvailable as an attribute
Shopping Line Hold a menu Item with additional attributes, such as Quantity

Now look at this!

There’s is nothing apparently wrong with my workflows, but I just can’t seem to crack this one out.

I wonder if it’s some kind of bug. What say you?

Do you have any database triggers that would change those numbers too? Also screenshot each action what you are doing just to be sure.

Also this looks like a custom event, are you doing multiple custom events on the button press with conditions on each action? It might be running one custom event, then the next one becomes true as well because of the previous one.

can you share your actions details ?

Sure can! Thanks for the replies.

Will be adding screenshots in a few.


There is no Backend Database Trigger.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Custom Worfklow - Add Line to Cart

This one is irrelevant because it just add the recently created line to the shopping cart, doesn’t have anything to do with quantities.

Custom Worfklow - Add to Shopping Line

This is the one the deals with Quantities, but I can’t see anything wrong.

what does the “add without shopping cart” ?

Isn’t it another event running also on your “+” button ?

Di dyou check step by step and logs ?

I did check the logs, @Sarah_Esteve but they’re not very helpful, for there was no duplicate event.

The Add Without Shopping Cart will create a new Shopping Cart before the remainder of the events.

It looks like that stuff is being triggered ‘all at once’.

I have just simplified the whole workflow, without using Custom Workflows and this looks like it fixed the situation.

The reason why I was using custom workflows from the beginning is so as to avoid stuff getting triggered simultaneously, as I have seen happening on some other more complex flows.

to avoid simultaneously, you can add a “result of step xxx” so it wn’t trigger until the step has finished

Hey @Sarah_Esteve !

Thanks for the tip.

I was using custom triggers exactly for that reason, but it didn’t work.

I have had problems in the past with the method you suggested, though, where, let’s say, Step 1 didn’t run on time so Step 2 proceeded without the value from Step 1. :frowning:

And if I added a restriction, such as ‘when Step 1’s value isn’t empty’ it would just skip Step 2.

What do you see in logs ?

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