Repeating groups and Data Types

Hi There,

I am creating a website for a music label and I am stuck on one issue.

I have a Data type called Artists and one called Merchandise. I have added Artists as a field in Merchandise and vise versa.

Issue I am having is have created a page called Artist Profile and on the Artist Profile I only want to display the Merchandise that relates to that specific Artist.

I created a Repeating Group called to do this and filter the items by the current page Artists Merchandise but when I go to the preview, its just blank.

May you please point me in the right direction. Feel free to go in and have a look at the Pleasehelp
Live page preview

Thanks in advance


Fixed it for you :slight_smile:

So the RG needs to search for the merch.

And then the Elements refer to the Merch item in the list.


The Merchandise field on Artist is not a list … so won’t show you all the items.

To make list a little easier for yourself you can make it a list and ADD on the Merch items to that list when you create it. But actually, searching for the Artist is also OK.

Thank you so much for fixing this for me.

I’d been stuck on the same issue for a very long time.

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