Repeating Groups and Saving to database

In a repeating group where one input reads from “say” table 1. The other inputs are filled manually - All fields including the one that reads from “table 1” need to be saved to “table 2”

I saw that we can select “last” or “first” but is there a way to save the specific record based on the information available in that input field (which might not be first record nor last record)?

sorry i dont understand your question, could you rephrase it.

in “Search for” to get data from a table and then linking it to another table you can choose “:first Item” or “:Last Item” or “:unique Number.”

My Question: I need the “Search for” to select a specific “input field” information as the indication of which record I want to link to the other table.

I hope it is clearer now.

Let me try another way…

I have data type “Event Dates”

  • Event Name (This is from another data type using “Search for” - “:Last item”
  • Event Starting Date and Time
  • Event Ending Date and Time

I have repeating group which reads the dates from Data Type “Event Dates”… In that same repeating group I am also adding input fields that will be filled with information related to prices which will be saved in Data Type “Event Menu”

Data Type “Event Menu”

  • Event Name ( Same as described above)
  • Event Starting Date (Data type event dates)
  • Event Ending Date (Data type event dates)
  • Event Price Type (Each date will have multiple price types (From input field))
  • Event Price value (Each price type will have a value (From input field))
  • Price Expiry date (From input field)

This is repeating group of price types within a bigger repeating group of event dates. Each event date cell will have a repeating group of Price types.

How do I refer the save button in the repeating group (Price Types) to take the values of dates and save them in Data type “Event Menu” in the fields that are connected to Data type (Event Dates)