Repeating Workflows used in GPT Assistants


Just a question over the “Do Every X Seconds” workflows.

These are needed for polling GPT assistants where the response is asynchronous. An event that fires repeatedly is one that always worries me, but especially with the cost of WUs!

I added one of these to wait the response from a GPT assistant, and thought I would be clever by putting it in a re-usable element that is a hidden popup, so it would not run on my main workflow solution page.

I was doing some debugging today and noticed that even though the popups and reusable are hidden, the workflow is still triggering every 3 seconds!

In mitigation it wont run the workflow unless there is a thread ID in a custom state. I am assuming this runs client side, so ?doesnt use any WUs unless it has something to poll and then fetch.

However, I still dont like the idea of the recurrent workflow just triggering for the hell of it when its not needed 98% of the time.

Is there a more elegant way of doing this? or should I just get over it and not worry because its so momentary when the state is null?

I could put it on a different page in my solution I guess replacing the popup?

or “just get over it”!!! :slight_smile:

I got around this by creating two workflow events that conditionally call each other. It generates a warning but is allowed.

Event 1:

Event 2: