RepeatingGroup has overlapping elements

I have a RepeatingGroup set as a row. It is in a Popup: Image 2023-02-17 at 10.11.2...

In there RG is a Group (column layout) set to fixed width & height (200x300px): Image 2023-02-17 at 10.14.0...

When I run it, the 200x300px Group is repeating horizontally about every 100px causing overlap: Image 2023-02-17 at 10.15.3...

Why are the Groups overlapping?

Don’t set the fixed width and height. Under appearance tab removed fixed number of rows/columns and have say min height of row to 50 and minimum width of column to 250. Remove min width and height in layout tab. have them as 0 . control it from here


Thank you, @paulronoh2019 !

That fixed it.

I don’t see a way to “close” this topic…where is that hiding?

You are welcome.

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