RepeatingGroup within RepeatingGroup - Duplicating data

Hey there,
I’m trying to display the upvoted users profile image in a RG within the parent RG.
It duplicated the upvoted user images across all cells.

This is the upvote setup

This is the visual setup
theHUB   ORGINAL     Bubble Editor (1)

I read in another post to make use of constraints to show only show current cells data.
Here’s what he says
“This will display the same information in each cell, unless you add a constraint which specifies to only show Customizations in the inside repeating group, which are associated with the Current Cell’s Customization Group.”
I wanna show a list of users who upvoted the current cell product.

I used the constraint
Upvoted users “contains” Current cell upvoted users

It didn’t work. It said value should be user instead of list of users.

What should I do?

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‘contains’ is for single result, try ‘is in’ as refers to list

There is no ‘is in’. It’s just those 4 options showing up

Can anybody help me on this?

Hi! I have made a pm so we can have a closer look at the issue. Should take less than 5mins to resolve

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You can’t always reference RGs elements inside other RGs so things get messy and it’s easy to confuse which Current Cell you are referring to. If that is the problem then try this.

Outer RG is Product so inner RG needs to be of type User.

Put the inner RG in a group of type Product (let’s call the group Inner RG) with Data Source = Current Cells Product

Now inner RG is of type User and the Data Source is Group Inner RGs Upvoted Users.

Any help?


@patricia U are AWESOME!!! It worked. Thank you :heart:
@koechamos51 Thanks for reaching out to help me :heart:

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