RepeatingGroups - Data not showing unless page is refreshed

I have developed a workflow where if a user’s field is changed, It will meet a repeating group’s constraints so that user data will become visible in a repeating group viewable by another user.

It is crucial that user data appears immediately (food ordering app)

Data loads usually instantly at my home wifi, so I don’t think it’s a workflow issue.

However when I’m connected to my school’s wifi, the cell doesn’t seem to appear at all until I manually refresh the website’s page.

How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance



  1. User Clicks Button Element

  2. Triggers workflow → Make changes to current user’s “Current Order Status” from “n/a” to “Incomplete”


Are you using the same browser/device at school? How does the school’s network compare to your home network? I have an app in production being used by teachers across the US and Canada and we’ve had reports of our repeating groups giving them problems, but they’re on really crummy network connections.

Yeah, I use the same browser and laptop. Speed and latency is about the same.

I am thinking of talking to my IT supervisor about the issue. Could it be a firewall setting he could revert? My school also uses a website filtering software, if that makes any difference. (Perhaps it might be the issue for your site too?)

The data just doesn’t seem to load at all in the repeatinggroup cell, but it does show up right away if i refresh the page (not so much a latency issue)

Hi there… did you manage to resolve this problem ? I am facing the same problem now…