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Repeting Group List and Database

Hi, I’m putting together an app for personal, and I don’t know how to show the training in the repeater group. For example, each student has its own workout, containing workout a, workout b, workout c, and within these workouts has the list of exercises, and each exercise has its series and repetition. How do I structure this in the database and view it in the repeater group?

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Title (text)
Workouts (list of workouts)
Students (list of users)
Instructor (user)

Title (text)
Exercises (list of exercises)

Title (text)
Description (text)
Images (list of images)
Workout (workout)

Title (text)
Image (file)

First (text)
Last (text)
Role (options set: admin, instructor, student)

But in each exercise on the list, I wanted to add a field with the series, one with the repetitions and one with the weight (this one for the student to fill in and remember the previous load) for each student


Adapt as needed. The above is just for illustration.

Best of luck with your project :grinning:

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Thanks for the help, but my question was as follows. Each exercise has the series, repetition and load field. I wanted to customize this field, as each user has a series, a repetition and a specific load. How can I add this data and make it appear on the page?


Many concepts involved to achieve that … thus too intricate to explain.

Perhaps this could spark some ideas: