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Repeting Group List

I’m making an application for personal trainer, and each training has a list of exercises, but when displaying the list of exercises for that training, the list is separated by a comma. And I wanted it to appear separately, each exercise in the list in a row of the repeater group, how?

Is each exercise a text value?
In that case, you can create a repeating group, assign the data type as text and data source as the source of your list of exercises.
Then in the cell of the repeating group, create a text field and put the dynamic data in it as ‘current cell’s exercise’ and it should appear there.

Did you already try that?

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Yes. But I want to show only the exercises which contain in the exercise list of the current user’s Training. Because in each line of the repeated group, only one exercise must appear, because I want to put an icon in front of the execution that opens a popup with the video of the execution of this exercise

Each exercise has the fields, exercise name and execution link. And training is a list of exercises

In that case the data type of the repeating group should be ‘Exercise’ and the data source should be where you are getting the list of exercises from (Training’s Exercises ?).

Then in the repeating group, add a text that displays ‘current cell’s exercise’s exercise name’ and a button that opens the popup and shows data in the popup as ‘current cell’s exercise’

I got it. I created a table named “Series”, another named “Repetitions” and another named “Load” and related them to the exercise of the user’s current cell, from the workout exercise list.