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Replace API worfflow on a list by javascript

Actually I send API result (data form name MyResult) in a dedicated Table with an only field (type: MyResult).
Then, I schedule an API workflow on a list with several paramaters (ie p-name = this MyResult’s name) to populate an others table of my database with 2s interval cause i have several fields
Everything works but it’s very long… about 8min pour 250 items.

I wish runs 20 API results like his one but I can spend 20x8min. :slight_smile:

I read it is possible to replace API workflow on a list by JavaScript code (using Toolikt) to parse the field of my dedicated Table to populate the others tables with details more (very more) quickly as using API workflow on a list.

Is it true? and if yes, how to do it?
is someone has already done this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance for help.


This is very doable. I would likely use the plugin editor for this purpose (it makes it much easier to actually use js, IMO)

You could either complete the task client or server side. You could even rely on a cloud function to do this and return data to the client without ever touching the bubble server thus saving on capacity.

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Thanks for reply, can you advise one plugin editor you’re talking about?

I was referring to the bubble plugin builder. It’s all in a client side js environment or or server side node depending on your need.