Replace Entry in Browser History Not Available

Using the Navigation go to page workflow action I am not seeing the ‘replace entry in browser history’ checkbox option

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 2.54.08 PM

In the above screen shot I do have the option provider…in the below screen shot it is

Why would it be missing from the first workflow action? Is this a bug? @eve is there some built in reasoning for this option to not be present at all times and has something to do with the set up of my page?

It only shows up when you are on the page you are sending the data to. So, for the one that says index, you must be on the index page. Otherwise there is no point in showing the option because you just need to send parameters to the new page and it passes a new url, which doesn’t need to be ‘updated’.

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I just want to make sure that the page they are being sent from can not be accessed again by using the browser back button. My idea of the ‘replace entry in browser history’ is to basically remove the page they are leaving from the browser history so as to make the user unable to press the browser back button to see the same URL.

I understand your explanation, but is there another way that I could basically remove the page URL from the browser history so they can not press the back button to go back to the page I am sending them from?

The use case is a link that is sent via email for a person to provide a recommendation for an applications user. The link already has a key which once the recommendation is saved will be removed from the data type so as to basically void the URL and ensure the recommendation can not be changed.

I basically wanted to take that one step further with the browser back button not allowing a backward navigation.

In the end if I can’t I guess I could set a redirect if the key in the URL is not found on page load.

I understand, that was my first thought too. Redirect back to the page they came from so it looks like it didn’t work. That is probably the simplest way to go.

Otherwise, you can keep them on the same page and change the way the page looks instead. Using one page instead of multiple pages, then the back button wouldn’t work because there is nothing to go back to. Anyways, hope that helps a bit! :blush:

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