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Replace (Testing) plugin by release version

I’ve accidentally built an app with my plugin in testing connection.
Is there any way to switch an app for using the release version of plugin?

SOLUTION @dbevan @jared.gibb
Find ‘plugins’:

"plugins": {
    "dbconnector": true,
    "apiconnector2": true,
    "1553006094611x835866904531566600": "1.14.0",
    "1674013680057x316145624994807800_current": "current"

Replace all 7800_current by 7800 over whole file.
Import back.


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Yes. Manually

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It’s not as bad as you think. I did this a couple weeks ago. The dev time was minimal (couple of minutes). It’s also a good excuse to double check your work.

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In my case, its much more bad than I thought.
I totally used generated by API calls data types.

Just made this mistake. Thank goodness for the “Replace by another type”