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Replicating Tinder Sign Up With Email and Phone Number

Relatively new to Bubble and am using the Native App BDK to try to make a relatively simple local chatting app.

I’ve seen others ask how to create a sign-up using a phone number and am wondering how or if there is a way I can do this with Bubble? I’d ideally like a sign-up that asks for your phone number, then sends you a 6-digit verification code, and has users begin their account sign-up process this way… is this possible?

I have basically the same issue
On my app, I want User’s can Log In with a phone number, because Bubble is set up by default doing this step only with Email’s so … I set up the “Sign the user up” with the phone number value and the [email protected] but I don’t fount the way to complete “Log the user in” with a phone number, I tried different combinations but don’t work for me, can you explain to me and send me a screenshot if is possible to figure out what is the problem in my end?