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Hi all,

I need help with building a system where users can reply to comments, I have a post structure set up with comments and posts, but trying to get comment-replies implemented is a huge pain.

Mostly just need the logic implemented, I can do the design myself. Preferably need it done within the next week.

Thank you!

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Hello, @14rk45!

It’s really exciting that Bubble allows doing a feature like comment & reply. But learning to do this is difficult.

We developed the “Nocode Bible” template for this. It contains many popular widgets such as comment & reply.

By getting the template, you can learn how to set up and logic of all these widgets. You can also copy it into your own application within minutes and start using it. In addition, there are video tutorials on how to copy it. I suggest you watch the tutorial video.

Best regards,

Thanks for the link! Unfortunately $350 for 1 widget is a little out of the price range

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You are welcome!

Actually, you can get the discount coupon by visiting There is a really big discount.
Landing | Nocode Bible

In addition to widgets, you can access expert tips, use full responsive wireframe design and have an admin dashboard example.



If you provide a editor link for view only, it’d be helpful. Or, if you can take a screenshot or explain how your data is setup, that would also help.

Too me, here is how I would structure my data in this event.

Type: Comments
Name: Text | Type: Text | List: No
Name: Replies | Type: Comments | List: Yes

From there, you can have a repeating group that displays the comments, and then in one cell, put another repeating group that use’s the replies field.

Hope that makes sense!

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Here’s at you can do:

Single datatype for all comments.
Each comment has its normal fields like author and timestamp.
Each comment has a field for “parent comment”. This field will link to another comment. When someone clicks ‘reply to comment’ this parent field will get populated with the respective comment. Then when displaying comments, do a search for all comments that have that comment as a parent. These comments are the replies.

In this way, you can even have replies to replies!

Canvas has some cool functionality that I used in my app, including a comment and reply system.


The upvoting community template here supports reply to comments.

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Please see the below:

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Hello @14rk45,

Recently we added a Question and Answer widget to our openBuild library, which you can use in your app!

This is what the Question & Answer widget looks like: (26)

Check out a live preview here: Question & Answer Widget

Read more about the widget and how to install it here