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I have a two sided market place.
Listings are displayed from customers.
Paid users create messages to customers per listing

I have 4 data types:
Users (customers & paid users)
Posts (customer posts)
Conversation (conversations between customers & paid users per Post)
Messages (messages within each conversation)

Currently paid users browse posts within a repeating group. Upon finding a post they would like to reply to, they click message, this displays a popup showing the post information. In the pop up the paid user can write a message and click send.

I am having problems creating the workflow.

The workflow should read

  1. Paid customer clicks send message
  2. A new conversation is created with both participants relating to the post
  3. A new message is created relating to that conversation

Any ideas on how to create this? Been stuck for hours on YouTube and templates but nothing seems to fit…

Paid customer

Hi Yuli,
I am not sure I understand the problem, but it sounds straight forward

  • Create a workflow when send Botton is clicked

  • in the workflow create a new thing → type is conversation. You can get the paid user from current user, and the customer from current Cell’s Post

  • in the same workflow create a second step, create new thing → type is message. you can get the conversation from the result of step 1

I hop this helps.


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